Hauraki-Coromandel Post - 2021-07-22


Teams enjoy tournament playing backwards


— Nan Hoggard

There were 21 teams in the field on July 18 to play the fifth Whoa-to- Go (Play the Course Backwards) tournament. Organisers Tim Parish and Jacquie Bain are to be congratulated on their superb organisation, with no stone left unturned to ensure that the day ran smoothly. A tremendous amount of work and imagination was necessary to set up the tournament, and the greens staff went out of their way to be helpful. Detailed maps and instruction sheets were necessary for each team, for starting at the wrong end of a fairway and playing to different greens was akin to playing a totally different course in a foreign country. It was great fun, and the Ambrose format was very popular, with specific rules regarding order of play. Some spectacular scores were returned and in each team handicaps were combined, added, divided and calculated by some mathematical experts to determine winners and runners-up. Best of all — the nasty weather that was forecast held off until people were heading home. Prizes were awarded by Todd Blythe to: Winners: A Team: Carol Leary, Daryll Denyer, David P Campbell, Paul Williams 61.00 nett. Runners up: Doing Nothing All Morning: 61.4. No Caps: 61.87. Heather and Mates: 62.75. Marlon: 62.75. Chips and Three Putts: 63.00. Zac Te Whakee: 64.25. Three One Oh: 64.87. Sam’s Supporters: 65. John Fang: 65. Craigs: 65. Diane Lewis 65.25. JDDP 65.62. BJ: 66. Diane’s Duffers: 66. RMCP: 66. Twos: Marlon on 11 and 13; Sam’s Supporters on 11; JDDP on 11; JTM on 11.


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